• Shipping Monday through Wednesday via USPS Priority Service

• Heat pack is available from my listings also

• Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for their monitary value, on used to purchase items in our store.

• I would consider discounts when you want to order more than 2 plants! 

• In the case of a damaged plant, replacements will always be issued before store credit. This is a case by case basis. We do not issue refunds.

Due to recent claim, I have to put this policy as disclaimer: Orchids tend to grow imperfectly most of the time... There could be wavy leaves, some spots, some cosmetic damage, etc. I always try my best picking the best choice there is for the order received... but when I pick them, I make sure that they would be the healthy ones.

Of course, things happen sometimes. I get it. But please contact me if you see any issues before you file complaints . Let’s check how it came in. Let’s see if the plant is actually healthy. I will ask for a picture of specific parts of the plant. Please send me the pictures. Otherwise I cannot (and probably would not) give you replacement/refund.... I am selling but also want to share my hobby... that is why I am doing this. Selling unhealthy or “not as described” plants and simply making profit is not what I am intending to do. Thank you for understanding in advance. (2020)
I have to add this one: When there is any mail-delaying event (any kind of big storms, terrorist act, Christmas Season), I will hold at least 2 weeks until the situation goes back to normal. This was due to this winter storm hit the entire US and delayed many deliveries. Even if the weather seems really nice and ready to be shipped, I will just hold automatically. I lost many orchids in the mail after the snow storm.... (2021)

My term for the size:
Seedling: very early stage, recommended for serious orchid collectors who know how to grow them but have LOTs of patience. Who knows when it becomes blooming size.
Established seedling: stabilized and good for growing. Somewhat getting easier to take care of. Still needs close attention. 3-5 years to become blooming size under the right condition. Needs patience.
Young plant: Well over with seedling stage but not quite there to call it a blooming size.
Near blooming size: This is when a new growth coming out might have possibilities to have bloom! 1-2 years to bloom under right care.
Blooming size: the plant is ready to bloom anytime under right care. Maybe has bloomed before. Sometimes come with spikes initiated. I would describe if it has spike in the description if it has spike(s). First ones to order get them.