Shows, shows, shows

We are going into busy season with shows! From inventory purpose, we will take a lot of items off from the listings… so be aware. If you have questions about whether we have certain orchids or not, please email us. Here is the schedule:

2/14-2/18: Northwest Flower Garden Show (we are taking a corner at Emerald City Orchids. Our name wouldn’t be officially showing up on their site. At Convention Center, Seattle WA.

2/24-2/25: Mt Baker Orchid Society Show With AOS judging! It will at Christianson’s Nursery


3/1-3/3: Indoor Plant Show (hosted by NWOS) at Lynnwood Convention Center

4/6-4/7 Spokane Orchid Society Show 

4/20-4/21 Oregon Orchid Society Show at Dance Pavilion in Oaks Amusement Park



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