Phal Pre-order and pay special!

We are getting LOTS of Phals very very soon!

we would like to inform you that from now till Saturday (8-19-23), we will take pre-order sales! While the pre-sale is going, those selected are all $2 off. Listing will be under “Phal Pre-Order” selection. Here is the list of what would be in the collection! Take a look! We will be making the list very soon!

Regular price Pre-order and pre-paid
Phal. Jia Ho Summer Love $38.00 $36.00
Phal. KS Super Zebra "Pylo"AM/AOS $38.00 $36.00
Phal.kunstleri $42.00 $40.00
Phal. Chienlung Happy Queen "Wilson" $38.00 $36.00
Phal. Mini Mark $40.00 $38.00
Phal. sanderiana "Wilson #304" $38.00 $36.00
Phal. Orchid World "CH" $40.00 $38.00
Phal. violacea indigo $38.00 $36.00
Phal. FANGtastic Green Envy $40.00 $38.00
Phal. Sogo Vivien "Wilson" $38.00 $36.00
Phal. tetraspis 'Wilson' $38.00 $36.00
Phal. Ventas 'Wilson' $38.00 $36.00
Phal. amboienses 'Wilson' $38.00 $36.00
Phal. Smiley Kathrine 'Wilson' $38.00 $36.00
Phal. Chia E Yellen (variegated leaves) $38.00 $36.00
Phal. hieroglyphica alba 'Wilson'  $38.00 $36.00
Phal. Al Redsun Queen $38.00 $36.00

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